Weekly Road Closures September 28 – October 5


New – Everhart Road

The first phase of construction will begin between the intersection of Holly Road and Cain Drive. This work will include excavation for underground utility and manhole placements. During this phase the following traffic control plan will be implemented, weather permitting:

  • Everhart Road (Southbound) - Southbound traffic will be reduced to one lane starting at Cain Drive up to the Holly Road intersection. Left turns will be prohibited at the Holly Road intersection for southbound traffic.
  • Everhart Road (Northbound) – Northbound traffic will be reduced to one lane starting at Schanen Boulevard and shift to the west (southbound lanes) at the intersection. Traffic heading northbound on Everhart Road will be allowed to make left turns at the Holly Road intersection.
  • Holly Road (Westbound) - The right turn lane on westbound Holly Road will be closed. Right turns onto northbound Everhart Road will be allowed from the right lane.

Ft Worth Street- (AEP)

Contractors will temporarily close the northbound lane of Ft Worth Street between Stirman Street and Cullen Street. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic around the closure. Work will begin 8 am and end at 4 pm. This closure is expected to last several weeks.

Glenoak Drive- Flour Bluff Drive to Waldron Road (AEP)

Contractors will be implementing temporary lane closures on the eastbound lane of Glenoak Drive. Flaggers will be present to guide drivers around the closures. This work will begin at 8:30 am to 5 pm.  Work is expected to last a couple of months.

Horne Road- (AEP)

Contractors will be implementing temporary lane closures on the westbound lane from Greenwood Drive to past Theresa Street. Closures will be implemented from 7 am to 4 pm and the work is expected to last about 3 weeks.

Born Street- (Mastec)

Contractors will have the westbound shoulder lane of Born street between South Water Street and South Chaparral Street temporally closed.  The work will take place from 8 am to 6 pm and is expected to last approximately 2 weeks.

Airline Road (Bay LTD) latest

Contractors will be implementing nightly temporary lane closures on both directions of Airline Road between Williams Drive and Holly Road. Nightly lane closures will reduce traffic to two lanes, one lane for each direction, starting at 6:30 pm to 6:00 am for several weeks.

Old Robstown Road – Highway 44 to Leopard Street (Bond 2014)

Construction continues as outstanding repair items are addressed. Various lane closures may be required.

Rodd Field Road – Saratoga Boulevard to Yorktown Boulevard (Bond 2014)

Rodd Field Road between Brook Road and Airline Road/Slough Road remains ONE WAY northbound.

Traffic traveling southbound on Rodd Field Road is being detoured onto Saratoga Boulevard to Airline Road. Only local traffic should continue past the intersection of Rodd Field Road and Saratoga Boulevard.

The Rodd Field Road and Yorktown Boulevard intersection remains closed. Traffic traveling along Yorktown Boulevard will continue through the Rodd Field Road /Airline Road extension detour.

Yorktown Boulevard – Everhart Road to Staples Street (Bond 2014)

Construction along this stretch of Yorktown Boulevard continues as final repairs are completed. Various lane closures may be required. The contractor estimates another 4 weeks to complete the other punch list items on this project.

Flato Road – Bates Road to Agnes Street (Bond 2014)

Construction progresses on Flato Road as contractors continue working on installing underground utilities along this stretch of road. Flato Road will continue as ONE WAY southbound only between Agnes Street and Bates Road. Construction warning signs and detour signs will guide traffic around the closure.  Northbound traffic on Flato Road at the Bear Lane intersection will be open to local traffic only.

Bates Road will continue to be closed to all traffic at Flato Road. Traffic traveling eastbound on Bates Road to get to Flato Road will continue to follow the detour in place to guide them around the closure. Bates Road, between North Padre Island Drive and Flato Road, will be open to local traffic only.

Gollihar Road – Weber Road to Staples Street (Bond 2014)

Traffic traveling westbound on Gollihar Road will be reduced to one lane and continue following the detour in place guiding them around the Gollihar Road/ Weber Road intersection closure. 

Traffic traveling eastbound on Gollihar Road will follow the detour in place to guide them around the Gollihar Road/ Weber Road intersection closure. Gollihar Road, between Carrol Lane and the intersection closure, will be open to local traffic only.

Northbound and southbound Weber Road will continue as two lanes through the Gollihar intersection. Motorists should be aware of the left-turn restriction at this intersection.

Carroll Lane – McArdle Road to Houston Street (Bond 2014)

Carroll lane continues as one way southbound between Brawner Parkway and Gollihar Road.

Traffic traveling northbound will continue following the detour in place to guide through the Carroll Lane intersection.

Staples Street – Kostoryz Road to Brawner Parkway (Bond 2012)

Traffic traveling northbound and southbound on Staples Street will continue as two lanes between Kostoryz Road and Texan Trail.

Kostoryz Road will continue with one left turn lane during this phase.

North Beach Area Road Improvements & Area Beautification (Bond 2012)

Construction on North Shoreline Boulevard continues with various lane closures within the work zone.

Artesian Street (Tracker Energy Services – Harbor Bridge Utility Relocation)

Utility contractors continue to have Artesian Street temporarily closed between Antelope Street and Buffalo Street. Traffic traveling in this area will need to seek alternate routes.

Poth Street (Strike LLC)

Contractors will continue to implement temporary street closures at the intersection of Poth Street and Tribble Lane. Street closures will be done only when large haul trucks are moving out of private property onto the roadway. Intermediate street closures are expected to last a month.

Staples Street (AEP)

AEP contractors will continue daily temporary lane closures on northbound Staples Street between Brawner Parkway and Anderson Street. Temporary lane closures will be done daily between 8 am and 4:30 pm.

Morgan Avenue (AEP)

AEP contractors will continue closures on Morgan Avenue reducing traffic to one lane for each direction. Temporary lane closures are estimated to be in place for several months.

Slough Road (AEP)

AEP contractors will continue implementing daily temporary lane closures on Slough Road reducing traffic to one lane, for both directions, between Rodd Field Road and Pennine Way. Flaggers will assist motorists around the work zone. Temporary lane closures are estimated to be in place for several weeks and will be done daily between 8 am and 7 pm.

Holly Road (AEP)

Contractors will continue performing utility work on Holly Road between Lexington Road and Ennis Joslin Road. During this time there will be various lane closures based on the contractor’s operations. Flaggers will assist motorists around the work zone during construction hours.

Belmeade Drive (Clark Pipeline Services – Utility Relocation)

Daily temporary lane closures will continue on Belmeade Street, between Orms Drive and Stratton Drive, reducing vehicular traffic down to one lane for both directions.

Street Preventive Maintenance Program (SPMP) / Residential Street Rebuild Project (RSRP)

The following Streets are being repaired as part of the City’s Street Preventative Maintenance Program or Residential Street Rebuild Project programs.  Motorists are encouraged to be aware of the ongoing construction at these locations:


  • North Carancahua Street – Lipan Street to Coopers Alley
  • Cimarron Boulevard – Saratoga Boulevard to Yorktown
  • Doddridge Street – Ocean Drive to Santa Fe Street
  • First National Drive – South Padre Island Drive to Compton Road
  • Flour Bluff Drive – Glenoak Drive to Purdue Road
  • Glasgow Drive – Timbergate Drive to Ridge Stone Drive
  • Louisiana Street – Santa Fe Street to Ocean Drive
  • Robert Drive – Alameda Street to Junior Terrace
  • Rodd Field Road – South Padre Island Drive to McArdle Road


  • Acacia Drive – Mueller Street to Interstate Highway 37
  • Alameda Street-Rio Vista Drive – Waverly Drive to Alameda Street
  • Bois D Arc Place – Greenwood Drive to Black Jack Place
  • Fleet Avenue – Beechcraft Avenue to Ryan Street
  • Harriett Drive – Prescott Street to Vestal Street
  • Lake Tahoe Drive – Sun Valley Drive to Snowbird Drive
  • Lancaster Drive – Leopard Street to Mueller Street
  • Moravian Drive – McArdle Road to South Padre Island Drive
  • Leigh Drive – Villa Drive to Breckenridge Drive
  • O’Hara Drive – Mc Alpin Drive to West Shea Parkway
  • Snowbird Drive - Lake Tahoe Drive to Sun Valley Drive
  • Yukon Drive – Jordan Drive to Brazos Drive
  • Zaragoza Street – Guatemozin Street to Airport Road
  • Driscoll Drive – North Naylor Circle to Kenwood Drive
  • Kenwood Drive – Old Robstown Road to West Longview Street

For a map of the Citywide Active Street Improvement Projects, please visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zKe8B7SdnH50i-g6XMMn7rEZUos&usp=sharing