Weekly Road Closures Sept. 3-9

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – Several parts of Corpus Christi will have new construction this week including Cimarron Boulevard, Lipan Street and Leopard Street.

New – Cimarron Boulevard

City contractors will be doing utility work in the 3000 block of Cimarron Boulevard. Starting Friday, September 2 through Wednesday September 7, work crews will reduce eastbound Cimarron Boulevard traffic to one lane.

New – Lipan Street (IDIQ)

City contractors will be working on a manhole on Lipan Street starting Tuesday, September 6 through Friday September 9. Utility crews will reduce westbound Lipan Street to one lane of traffic at the Alameda Street intersection.

New - Sunnybrook Road and Dodd Drive

City contractors extended their utility work until September 9, 2016 on Sunnybrook Road near the Dodd Drive intersection. During this period, Sunnybrook Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic.

New – Leopard Street at Violet Road

AT&T contractors will be working inside a manhole at the intersection of Leopard Street and Violet Road on September 6.  Northbound Violet traffic will be narrowed through the work site, and left turn will not be allowed for traffic traveling eastbound on Leopard Street.

New - Staples Street (Bond 2012)

  • Starting May 30, 2016 and until completion, Staples Street between Comanche Street and Morgan Avenue will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction. In addition, various side streets along this section of Staples Street will be periodically closed or reduced to one lane of traffic. When necessary, flaggers will available to guide motorists through the work site.
  • New - Starting Tuesday, September 6, through Friday, September 9, Laredo Street will be closed between Staples Street and Alameda Street. Westbound Laredo traffic will detour onto northbound Staples Street, then onto westbound Mussett Street, onto southbound Alameda Street and to Laredo Street.

New - Santa Fe Street (Bond 2014)

City contractors are working on Santa Fe Street from Hancock Avenue to Morgan Avenue. There will be periodical lane closures on this section of Santa Fe Street through September 9.

Ocean Drive (Bond 2012)

Beginning Monday, August 29, and until the completion of the work, the following traffic control plan will be implemented:

  • Traffic will switch onto the southbound lanes to allow contractors to work on the northbound lanes. As a result, the traffic will be narrowed to one lane of traffic in each direction between Buford Street and Ayers Street.
  • There will be left turn restrictions during this period - Northbound traffic will not be permitted to turn left at Morgan Avenue, and Buford Street (except for emergency vehicles). 
  • Left turns will be allowed at Ayers Street and Elizabeth Street for northbound traffic. There will be a left turn provided for southbound traffic at Buford Street to access the Emerald Beach Hotel. There will be a left turn provided for northbound and southbound traffic at Elizabeth Street to access Christus Spohn Hospital and Marina Del Sol Condominiums. The left turns for northbound traffic at Elizabeth Street will be monitored by the City and may be restricted in the future depending on construction at Christus Spohn Hospital.
  • Pedestrians are asked to use the sidewalks on the west side of the street and bicyclists are encouraged to avoid the area.

Park Road 22

Beginning on Thursday, July 14 through Friday, October, 14, City contractors will be working on Park Road 22 at the Aquarius Street intersection. As the project is ongoing, the following traffic control plan will be implemented:

  • Traffic Signal installation: Southbound Park Road 22 traffic will be narrowed while a new signal is being installed.
  • Removal of Existing Median: Park Road 22 left turn lanes at the Aquarius St. intersection will be closed to traffic. Left turns will not be allowed at the intersection.

Ocean Drive and Robert Drive

Starting on Thursday, August 11, 2016 and for the next 30 days; weather permitting, City contractors will periodically reduce southbound Ocean Drive traffic to one lane through the Robert intersection.  At the same time, the bike lane will be closed through the work site.

Williams Drive (Bond 2012)

Beginning July 6, 2016 and until the completion of the work the following Traffic Control Plan will be implemented:

  • Williams Drive will be periodically reduced to one lane of traffic from Airline Road to Staples Street beginning Friday, August 18, 2016
  • City contractors will be doing road work at the Airline Road and Williams Drive intersection. No left turns are permitted within the work zone of Airline Drive.
  • Southbound Airline Road traffic will be shifted onto the northbound lanes and traffic will be reduced to one in each direction. No left turns will be allowed at the intersection
  • Eastbound Williams Drive is closed to thru traffic between Candlewood Drive and Airline Road. Eastbound Williams Drive traffic will be detoured onto southbound Rodd Field Road, unto Treyway Lane to Williams Drive. No Left turn permitted at the Williams Drive/Airline road intersection.
  • Westbound Williams Drive traffic will detour southbound on Airline Road, to eastbound Holly Road, onto northbound Rodd Field Road, to Williams Drive. 
  • Northbound Airline Road traffic will detour to the eastbound onto South Padre Island Drive access road, onto southbound Candlewood Drive to Williams Drive.

McArdle Road (Bond 2012)

Beginning August 15, City contractors will be working on McArdle Road in front of the Paul R. Haas Middle School; and while this work is ongoing, the following traffic control plan will be implemented:

  • Traffic will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction between Clarion Drive and Woodlawn Drive.
  • Motorists should be aware of the various lane shifts in this section of McArdle road.

Navigation Boulevard (CIP)

Beginning on August 15, 2016, southbound Navigation traffic between Up River Road and Leopard Street, will be shifted onto the southbound lanes with one lane in each direction. This doesn’t include the TXDOT right-of-way between the IH-37 access roads.

International Drive (Bond 2012) 

Beginning July 25, and for the next six months, City contractors will have various lane closures on International Drive as part of the International Drive Road Improvement bond project. Motorists are asked to be mindful of the various lane closures when driving on International Drive to the airport. Work is scheduled on International Drive between Agnes Street and the Glasson Drive intersection.

Schatzel Street

Schatzel Street is closed to traffic between Chaparral Street and Mesquite Street. Westbound Schatzel traffic will detour onto Chaparral Street, then onto Taylor Street, to Mesquite Street to Schatzel Street.

Cosmopolitan Construction

Lawrence Street will be closed from Mesquite Street to Chaparral Street. There is no parking permitted on Mesquite Street from Schatzel Street to Lawrence Street.


For more information, please contact Traffic Engineering at 826-3547.