Weekly Road Closures January 7 -13

New – Lipan and Comanche Highway 286 Bridge Closure

On Sunday, January 8, 2017 and for one day only, weather permitting, contractors be working on both the Lipan Street and the Comanche Street Crosstown Express (Hwy 286) bridges. During this period, both bridges will be closed to traffic.

Westbound Lipan and Comanche Streets traffic will be detoured onto northbound Brownlee Boulevard, then onto westbound Leopard Street, and then to southbound Culberson Street to Lipan Street or Comanche Street. Eastbound Lipan Street and Comanche Street traffic will be detoured onto southbound Culberson Street, and then onto northbound Brownlee Boulevard to Lipan Street and Comanche Street.

New - Ocean Drive (Bond 2012)

Beginning Monday, January 9, 2017, and until the completion of the work, the following traffic control plan will be implemented:

  • Traffic will switch onto the southbound lanes between Louisiana Avenue and Elizabeth Street to allow contractors to work on the northbound lanes. As a result, the traffic will be narrowed to one lane of traffic in each direction, between Buford Street and Ayers Street.
  • There will be left turn restrictions during this period - northbound traffic will not be permitted to turn left at Del Mar Boulevard, Ayers Street, and Elizabeth Street. Left Turns at Morgan Avenue will be permitted for the hospital.
  • Pedestrians are asked to use the sidewalks on the west side of the street and bicyclists are encouraged to avoid the area. Pedestrian cross walks will be in place at Buford Avenue and Del Mar Boulevard but not at Ayers Street, Elizabeth Street or Morgan Avenue. The roadside sidewalk on the water side, from north of Ayers Street to south of Louisiana Avenue will be closed to allow for drainage and roadway work. The lower sidewalks in Cole Park will be open, but should be accessed using the west side sidewalks and the Del Mar Boulevard crosswalk.
  • Once the change is made, City traffic engineering and the contractor will be monitoring the situation and will be making signal timing adjustments.

New – Williams Drive (Bond 2012)

Starting Friday, January 6, 2017, and for the next four months, weather permitting; Williams Drive traffic will be shifted onto the westbound lanes and traffic reduced to one lane in each direction between Staples Street and Airline Road. All residential side streets on William Drive will be open at the Williams Drive intersection.

Navigation Boulevard (CIP)

Beginning December 21, 2016 and until completion of this phase of the project, Navigation Boulevard traffic, between Up River Road and Leopard Street, will be shifted onto the southbound lanes with one lane in each direction. The existing TXDOT traffic control devices at the IH-37 access road intersections will remain in place.

Staples Street (IDIQ)

Through January 13, 2017, weather permitting; City contractors will be doing road work on Staples Street between Six Points and 16th Street. During this period, there will be various lane closures and either the westbound or eastbound traffic will be reduced to one lane through the work area. When necessary, flaggers will be on site at the intersections to assist motorists through the work area.

Alameda Street (Bond 2014)

Beginning Monday, November 21, 2016 and until the completion of the project, City contractors will be doing construction work on Alameda Street between Lipan Street and Kinney Street. As this project is ongoing, Alameda Street will be closed to traffic between Kinney Street and Lipan Street. All side streets intersecting with Alameda Street will remain open to traffic.

Staples Street (Bond 2012)

Until completion of the project, Staples Street, between Comanche Street and Morgan Avenue, will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction. In addition, various side streets along this section of Staples Street will be periodically closed or reduced to one lane of traffic. Flaggers will be available to guide motorists through the work site.

Bayshore Park

McCaughan Park is closed during the first phase of construction. The seawall in the area will continue to be open to the public during construction. When construction at McCaughan Park is completed, contractors will move to the north end of the project and begin working on Sherrill Park. Left turns will not be allowed from Southbound Shoreline Boulevard to Park Street.

McArdle Road (Bond 2012)

Contractors will be working on McArdle Road in front of the Paul R. Haas Middle School; while this work is ongoing, the following traffic control plan will be implemented:

  • The eastbound or McArdle Road traffic, between Nile Drive and Aswan Drive, will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction through the work site.
  • McArdle Road, from the Islamic Society of Southern Texas entrance to Ennis Joslin Road, will be closed to traffic. Motorists needing access to this section of McArdle Road can take Nile Drive to McArdle Road.

International Drive (Bond 2012) 

Through January 20, 2017, weather permitting; City contractors will have various lane closures on International Drive as part of the International Drive Road Improvement bond project. Motorists are asked to be mindful of the various lane closures when driving on International Drive to the airport. Work is scheduled on International Drive between Agnes Street and the Glasson Drive intersection.

Cosmopolitan Construction

Lawrence Street will be closed from Mesquite Street to Chaparral Street. No parking is permitted on Mesquite Street from Schatzel Street to Lawrence Street. 

For more information, contact Traffic Engineering at (361) 826-3547.