Water Boil FAQs

Was the water boil advisory due to a City water main break in the Flour Bluff area?

The main break occurred two weeks before the boil advisory and water pressure was never a factor. According to the Penn State University publication: ”Water Facts 13: Coliform Bacteria,” E. coli can only survive for up to 30 minutes at a total chlorine residual of at least 0.5 mg/L.

Was the NAS water boil caused by the City?

No, the City supplies water to NAS; however, NAS treats the water.

Were water wells to blame for the water boil?

The water boil advisory was caused possibly by a point source contamination such as a private water well in Flour Bluff. City crews are still looking into the cause.

How can this be prevented from happening again?

The City is researching the use of backflow prevention for water wells. The situation is priority and staff is scheduled to have a recommendation in two weeks.

Do other cities have water boils?

In order to protect citizens there are a variety of issues that can cause water boils including contaminates, water main breaks, and loss of water pressure to name a few.