Three Mosquitos Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Repeat Areas

Three more mosquitos tests positive for West Nile virus in repeat locations around the City. According to Corpus Christi Animal Control and Vector Services, the detections were discovered in mosquitos from the 400 block of Barlett Street, the 1200 block of Main Drive and the 5900 block of Colorado Drive. This is the third positive result for Bartlett Street and Colorado Drive, and the second for Main Drive. The mosquitos were submitted for testing on August 2, 2016.

The Mosquito Management Response Plan is being implemented as follows:

1. The spraying of a 1/2 mile radius around the area of detection for three consecutive nights, beginning tonight.

2. Police Directed Patrol Officers and Neighborhood Services personnel will be attempting to locate any standing water in the affected neighborhoods, including examining abandoned properties.

3. Vector Services will conduct continuing surveillance of mosquito traps in the immediate areas for signs of the Culex species of mosquito responsible for West Nile virus.

The need to spray a larger area is not necessary based on the entomology of the Culex species mosquito and the normal travel distance of this mosquito. Vector Control will be conducting the aerial spray in the evening, and at dusk, since that is the time the Culex is most active. 

Residents are reminded to check their property for standing water and to avoid outdoor activities at dusk and dawn. When outside, wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, and use appropriate mosquito repellent with DEET.  To report abandoned properties, high grass or standing water, call (361) 826-2489.