Taking Technology Underground

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Whether it is the supermarket, the mall or the parking lot, surveillance cameras are always scanning surroundings to monitor all that is going on. That technology is also used in the City of Corpus Christi’s Utilities Department. With the recent acquisition of the Rover X-130 from the Envirosight company, workers can more accurately monitor what is happening in the City’s underground sewer and wastewater pipelines.

“The Rover X-130, which is fitted with a 360-degree HD camera, allows us to pinpoint problem areas and do preventive maintenance before bigger issues develop,” says Wes Nebgen, Assistant Director of Maintenance of Lines in the City’s Utilities Department. “This device also helps determine more accurate locations for street excavations where repairs are needed.”

A cargo video van manned by two workers acts as the control center for the Rover X-130 after it is lowered into the pipe system. Once it is safely underground, its built-in camera collects detailed video, photo and location information which is then utilized for specific reports.

“Because the Rover X-130 allows us to easily and frequently monitor the underground pipe system, it helps to avoid backups and service interruptions,” says Nebgen. “The fact that it saves the City time and money definitely makes it an excellent return on its investment.”