Taking Stock in What's Needed

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Robert Presnell is known as the City's "go-to" guy. Anytime a department needs supplies, tools, or other essential items, Presnell knows how to get what's needed. The warehouse storekeeper makes sure items are ordered and delivered so there is no unnecessary loss of time or productivity.
“If a department requests it and needs it on a regular basis, we find the cheapest source and then stock it here in our warehouse,” Presnell said.

The items include everything from kitchen supplies for senior centers to hoses and gear for the City's fire stations. Despite some sizable orders, there is one department that consistently requests the highest volume of supplies.
“We order all of the items needed to effectively run the City’s utilities,” Presnell said. “That means that 80% of what we stock in the warehouse is used underground.”
Presnell is sometimes amused at the items requested. The more unusual include sporks, the utensil that's part fork and part spoon, and colorful beard restraints. Presnell is quick to acknowledge the Finance Department,  his team of six employees, as well as  Procurement Manager Maria Pedraza and Management Aide/Junior Buyer Lydia Olivarez for their hard work and commitment to keeping the warehouse properly stocked. 
“Our most important rule is a simple,” Presnell said. “Every item we stock needs to be a necessity because we run a lean warehouse, everything has a purpose.”