Southside Intersection to Get First of its Kind Traffic Signal

The City of Corpus Christi is changing the look of its traffic signals. Soon, a new flashing yellow arrow (FYA) will be installed at the intersection of Cimarron Boulevard and Lipes Boulevard.

In 2009, the flashing yellow arrow for left turns was adopted by the Federal Highway Administration. Texas soon adopted the guidelines and new Corpus Christi traffic signals will have a flashing yellow arrow.

“With the opening of the new Veterans Memorial High School, Southside drivers will be the first to use the new traffic signal, better managing traffic flow on our city streets,” said City Traffic Engineer Raymond Chong.

The new traffic signal will be installed by Monday, August 24th, the first day of school. By the end of the month, it is expected to be operational. Until the traffic signal goes on line, there will be a flashing yellow light on Cimarron Boulevard, warning drivers to use caution before proceeding through the intersection. Lipes Boulevard will have a flashing red light, alerting drivers to stop before proceeding through the intersection. Police officers will be monitoring the area to assist with traffic.

Once the signal is working, drivers in the left-turn lane who have a flashing yellow arrow, must yield to oncoming traffic. If and when it is safe, drivers can make a left turn and proceed through the intersection. The solid yellow arrow maintains the standard meaning — the left-turn signal is about to turn red and drivers must prepare to stop or complete the left turn if already in the intersection.  

“The flashing yellow arrows reduce wait times and vehicle emissions. When the yellow arrow flashes, drivers must yield to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians before turning left,” Chong said.

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