Setting and Reaching Goals

It's been almost three months since Margie C. Rose was named Corpus Christi city manager and since then the City's CEO has been in demand.

“It is amazing. When I was deputy city manager there was a basic flow of various meetings, however once I became city manager there seemed to be a lot more activity in the early morning, as well as in the late evening," Rose said. "As city manager you're to be there whether you want to or not because you are the leader of the organization."

While her schedule is hectic, Rose has a knack for organization. When employees leave her meetings they know their assignment, the deadline and most importantly, Rose's expectation because she sets the bar high. She even sets those same expectations upon herself.

"I have quarterly goals and I have actually established yearly goals, so I know right now there are things that I would like to get accomplished between now and the end of the year,” Rose said. One of her goals is to fill several vacant management positions by the end of the year.

Rose has more than 30 years of city and county experience. She came to Corpus Christi in 2002, and for more than 14 years, she has served as an assistant city manager, interim city manager and deputy city manager.

She enjoys working under the council-manager form of government, where the elected governing body, or in the City's case, the council is responsible for passing ordinances and developing an overall vision.

"I’ve been a city manager before, in a smaller organization and it too was a council-manager form of government and there were levels of expectations from the citizens there but it’s different here. There’s some real high expectations the citizens expect from the city manager and I am very pleased they take this position very seriously," she said.

While her days and nights are packed with meetings, attending events and running the City, she keeps focused on the future.

"Issues that come up are always different and that’s what’s very intriguing to me. When I wake up every day I know I am going to do something different than the day before," Rose said.