Runways are Back Open at Corpus Christi International Airport

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The runways at Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) are back open to air traffic.  The thick layer of ice that formed on the surfaces Sunday night melted after the sun came up on Monday.  Once the runways were inspected and found to be in good shape, they were re-opened to traffic.

At this time, all types of aircraft can safely land and take-off at CCIA.  Specific information about runway conditions has been communicated to all aviation users via a notification system managed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).    

All commercial flights in and out of CCIA for the day have been canceled with the exception of an evening Southwest Airlines arrival.  Both commercial airports in Houston have experienced runway closures for at least part of the day.  While air traffic has been moving at DFW Airport, conditions are such that getting back to normal will take some time.  If you are scheduled to fly in or out of CCIA in the next 48 hours, you should contact your airline for details.  There will likely continue to be flight disruptions for the remainder of the week.

Here at CCIA, Airport Operations Personnel will continue to assess runway and taxiway conditions as long as there is any threat of ice forming.    

The airport terminal remains open for customer service and tenant assistance.

Members of the media can contact Kim Bridger-Hunt, Marketing Manager at CCIA, for additional information.   She can be reached at (361)-774-7871 or