Removal Efforts Underway After Boat Sinks in Corpus Christi Ship Channel

No Loss of Life

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Just before midnight, on Friday, June 9, a 26 by 15-foot small workboat sunk and is completely underwater in Corpus Christi Bay ship channel. The incident is near marker 74, halfway between Harbor Bridge and La Quinta Channel, about a mile from the Harbor Bridge.

As incident commander, the U.S. Coast Guard has established a safety zone at the incident site.

The Texas General Land Office (TGLO) and the Port of Corpus Christi have been engaged. The TGLO will become actively involved with any environmental impacts, should they occur. There is an estimated 100 gallons of fuel on board. No vessel traffic is permitted through the incident site at this time.

The two occupants of the vessel are safe, and no major injuries have been reported. The vessel owner is responsible for the salvaged operation. A company from Galveston is expected to be in the area in the coming hours to work on the salvage and recovery of the sunken vessel.

The City's Emergency Management Office is actively engaged in the situation.