City Council Passes Resolution to Accelerate Neighborhood Street Repairs

Repairs Estimated to be Completed Five Times Faster

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today's regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Mayor Paulette Guajardo and the City Council passed a resolution to amend the Infrastructure Management Plan (IMP) to speed up the pace at which neighborhood streets are repaired.

On October 27, 2020, Public Works established the IMP, which provides a five-year rolling structured program schedule for street repairs. The first two years of the IMP planning process are complete. The subsequent three years are on a rolling list utilized for planning purposes.

City staff has monitored the productivity of the IMP's first two years and determined that the reconstruction rate for local streets is six centerline miles per year, while the degradation rate is estimated at twelve centerline miles per year.

Due to decades of neglect, local streets are deteriorating faster than can be reconstructed. Under the current approach, City staff estimates it will take 62 years to address the “Failed to Very Poor” category of residential streets alone.

Under the new strategy, Public Works will focus on preventative maintenance and rehabilitation for citywide street projects using a “pavement-only approach.” Streets would receive mill and overlay and spot base repairs where necessary. The pavement-only approach will not include stormwater, utilities, or sidewalk repair, except for highly deteriorated cases.

The pavement-only method is predicted to reduce the time to address the “Failed to Very Poor” streets from 62 to 12 years - a little over five times faster than the current plan.

“This City Council strives to do whatever it takes to improve our streets,” Mayor Guajardo said. Today’s action will allow residents to see those street improvements much sooner.”

For more information, media representatives may contact Senior Public Information Officer Richard Vargas at 361-826-3420 or by email at