Mass Selection of Design Contracts Approved by Council

All Bond 2022 Road Projects Set to Begin Six Months After Voter Approval

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, City Council authorized the negotiation and execution of 13 professional services contracts for Civil Engineering Services with ten engineering consultants for the Bond 2022 streets projects in an amount not to exceed $14.9 million. Funding is available from the Streets Bond 2022 Fund.

On November 8, 2022, voters approved the City’s Bond 2022 Program for $125 million with 32 projects. The program includes projects for streets, parks, libraries, and public safety improvements.

To expedite the execution of the street projects in the Bond 2022 program, the mass selection process will result in both staff time reduction and cost savings by not having to negotiate 13 separate design contracts. It will also accelerate the overall project timelines by an average of six months for most projects.

The Streets Proposition encompasses a total of 15 projects with an estimated cost of $92.5 million. This proposition includes designing and constructing new streets, or rehabilitating existing streets, sidewalks, and surface and utility improvements. The street projects are citywide. Two projects, Yorktown Boulevard and Beach Access Road 3, do not require civil engineering services as they were designed as part of Bond 2020. The design process for the Bond 2020 street program Is 90% complete.

Individual Bond 2022 street projects will begin the design phase as early as June and all Bond 2022 street projects are expected to enter the design phase by September.

“Our infrastructure is a key component to economic growth,” Mayor Guajardo said. “Now we will have major improvement projects getting underway much sooner than in the past.”

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