City Focuses on Backflow Prevention Systems to Keep our Water Safe

Cross Connection Inspections Began February 1, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Corpus Christi Water (CCW) has contracted with TX Utilities & Environmental, LLC, to inspect over 6,000 properties to ensure all water system connections follow backflow safety protocols.

CCW sent letters to notify commercial customers of the newly implemented program providing inspections of cross connections at no cost to the business. Inspections have already begun and will continue year-round.

All inspectors will have a City of Corpus Christi-issued contractor ID badge with their name and photo displayed. Contractors will need to access the building.  Businesses can request the inspector return at a different time if needed.

The contractor will submit a certification of inspection to CCW for each business. If the business does not meet the safety requirements for backflow prevention, it will receive a letter from CCW indicating that remedial actions are required. 

The inspections are designed to protect the public drinking water supply by reducing the likelihood of contamination caused by backflow into the water system.

For more information, contact Strategic Business Manager Adrianna Escamilla at 361-826-1682 or email

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