Second Phase of Yorktown Mud Bridge Plan Underway

Bent Cap Repairs Began Monday

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – On Monday, December 12, the City initiated an emergency closure of the Yorktown Mud Bridge on the 8600 block of Yorktown Boulevard to perform repairs to a sinkhole that resulted from damage to the bridge's riprap embankment. In addition, the project included restoring twenty-two of the fifty-five pilings that support the bridge.

The plan's first phase included restoring the east and west sides of the bridge embankment. This was completed on Tuesday, January 17.

TxDOT also completed an underwater inspection on January 17. Initial reports from the inspection show no significant concerns below the water/mud line.

Mobilization for phase two began on January 16. Physical work underneath the bridge started on Monday and is expected to last 70 working days, weather and tides permitting. Work was postponed yesterday due to inclement weather.

The subcontractor has resumed work today, with bent cap repairs, in anticipation of the arrival of specialized pile jackets for the columns. The pile jackets should arrive within three weeks.

To accelerate the project's timeline, the contractor is working to increase operating hours to 12 hours per workday.

Finally, phase three includes the planned construction of a replacement bridge. Planning will begin in 2025 – one year earlier than initially planned by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

TxDOT will fund the bridge reconstruction as part of the Highway Bridge Replacement Program.

For more information, media representatives may contact Senior Public Information Officer Richard Vargas at 361-826-3420 or by email at