Council Adopts Building and Fire Code Updates

Protects Health and Safety of Community and Visitors

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Mayor Paulette Guajardo and the City Council approved the adoption of Building and Fire-related codes to the 2021 International Code Council (ICC) standards with local amendments. 

The City of Corpus Christi currently utilizes the International Code Council’s 2015 edition with local amendments.

Some updates to the code include the following:

  • Building Code
    • Defines and regulates puzzle rooms (escape rooms), shipping containers and mechanical-access enclosed parking garages
    • Expands the use of Type IV construction (heavy timber) - tall wood buildings
  • Fire Code
    • Adds sprinkler requirements to certain types of existing assembly occupancies and high-rise residential buildings
    • Refines requirements for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and storage of distilled spirits and wines
  • Mechanical Code
    • Machinery rooms exceeding 1,000 square feet will require two remote exits providing additional egress to protect machinery room occupants from asphyxiating in the event of a refrigerant discharge
    • Require a means to adjust airflow in all distribution, exhaust, and ventilating systems by an approved method
  • Electrical Code
    • Adds flexibility to the location of existing upgraded boxes and the use of wiring sizes and types
    • Adds surge protection for 1 & 2-family dwellings
  • Plumbing Code
    • Adds allowance for multiple-user toilet facilities to serve as credit
    • Adds alternative – Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Swimming Pool Code
    • Adds design and safety requirements for splash pads
    • Creates requirements for construction fencing and barriers

The City of Corpus Christi has maintained a building code since 1929 and provided regulations that specify the minimum standards for design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, safety, and maintenance of various types of buildings to protect life, health, property, and public welfare for the citizens of this City.

A second City Council vote on the measure is scheduled for January 31 with an effective date of August 1.