Strong Arctic Cold Front Forecasted to Bring Below Freezing Temperatures

City and Partner Agencies to Provide Shelter Space and Warming Centers; HEB Donates $1000 to Salvation Army

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The National Weather Service forecasts a strong cold front will push through Thursday afternoon, bringing frigid temperatures into the area. Hard freeze conditions are expected Thursday and Friday night, with low temperatures in the 20s for most of the area. High temperatures on Friday will be in the 30s for most of South Texas.

Breezy northerly winds Thursday night and Friday will result in dangerous wind chill values in the teens and possibly the single digits at times. Temperatures will be around freezing once again Saturday night. Freezing precipitation is not expected at this time.

The City has measures in place to ensure proper and safe City services in public safety, transportation, water, homelessness, and animal care. Residents are urged to take this time to protect people, property, and pets.

Warming Centers:

On Friday and Saturday, the City will offer daytime warming centers within the city limits that are free and open to the public. City warming centers are not a place to sleep or eat. No pets are permitted, and no food will be provided.

The warming center’s hours of operation will be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Open Friday only:

  • Oveal Williams Senior Center       1414 Martin Luther King Dr          826-2305
  • Northwest Senior Center              9725 Up River Rd                         826-2320
  • Zavala Senior Center                    515 Osage St                               826-3099
  • Greenwood Senior Center            4040 Greenwood Dr                     826-1368
  • Broadmoor Senior Center            1651 Tarlton St                             826-3138 
  • Anita & W.T. Neyland Library       1230 Carmel Pkwy                       826-2370
  • Janet F. Harte Library                   2629 Waldron                              826-2310

Open Friday and Saturday:

  • Ethel Eyerly Senior Center           654 Graham Rd                            826-2330
  • Garden Senior Center                  5325 Greely Dr                             826-2345
  • Lindale Senior Center                   3135 Swantner Dr                        826-2340
  • Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia Library       5930 Brockhampton Dr                826-2360
  • Owen R. Hopkins Library             3202 McKinzie Rd                        826-2350
  • La Retama Library                       805 Comanche St                         826-7055   
  • Ben F. McDonald Library             4044 Greenwood Dr                     826-2356    

The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority will provide free transportation to and from the warming center during available hours. For more information, go to

City staff is conducting outreach Thursday and Friday, handing out blankets, socks, hats, and information on where the homeless can find shelter.

Homeless Shelters:

The City is working with homeless agencies to ensure shelter, meals, and blankets are provided for those in need.

The Salvation Army will increase capacity for an additional 100 people by opening the reception area and chapel at 1804 Buford Street for the homeless. Those in need can stay at the facility beginning Thursday afternoon through Monday morning. HEB Foods has donated $1000 to offset expenses.

The Salvation Army is collecting sleeping bags and food at this time. Please call 361-884-9497 to donate. 

The Gulf Coast Humane Society is donating its services by hosting the pets of homeless persons as needed.

Animal Care Services:

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (ACS) will have officers on standby to respond to calls of animals without shelter.

  • Officers will be educating owners about the cold and proper care of their pets
  • If needed, ACS will take the appropriate action for pets found in difficult circumstances where their well-being is in jeopardy
  • During regular business hours, call the Customer Call Center at 311 to place a call for service for an officer to respond to a pet in need. After hours, call the police department’s non-emergency number at 361-886-2600

Fire Department:

The Corpus Christi Fire Department urges residents to be careful with space heaters:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using alternate heating devices safely, and take time to prepare and inspect the heating equipment before using it
  • Never use charcoal grills or other fuel-burning devices indoors since they produce carbon monoxide
  • Keep a close eye on children and pets whenever a space heater is used
  • Always turn heaters off when leaving home

AEP Texas:

To report hazards or general calls: 1-877-373-4858

To report outages: 1-866-223-8508   

Water Utilities:

Additional staff will be working around the clock, taking precautions at City water and wastewater operations to ensure utility services are not impacted due to cold weather.

Water Pipes:

With freezing conditions expected, the City of Corpus Christi Water Utilities advises residents to take immediate action to protect their property:

  • Wrap all exposed pipes located outside or in unheated areas of the home with newspaper, insulation, or towels
  • Remove the garden hose from outside faucets. Insulate outside faucets with a Styrofoam cover, rags, or paper
  • Shut off irrigation systems

Gas Service

City gas customers should note that rising natural gas prices and extended heater use will result in a higher-than-normal utility bill.

Solid Waste:

  • There are no interruptions in service or curbside pickup
  • The J.C. Elliott Transfer Station and Cefe Valenzuela Landfill will be open during regular business hours

Stay up to date; visit for more information. You also can find updates on city social media channels, Facebook @citygov and Twitter @cityofcc, or call the Customer Call center at 311.