City Reminds Residents and Businesses that Performing Animals Require Permits

Permits Can Be Obtained at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS) wants to remind residents and business owners or operators featuring animals in any performing act that they must have a City-issued permit to do so.

What does this mean? Any person or business must have a permit to allow a performing animal exhibition, pet shop, rodeo, stable, circus, kennel, grooming shop, or boarding facility at an event occurring within Corpus Christi city limits.

Persons or organizations seeking a permit should apply to CCACS at least 20 days before any event, such as a circus, rodeo, show, animal ride, etc. The permit will be valid for the duration of the event only.  Separate permits must be granted for each event or activity. 

The complete Corpus Christi City Ordinance related to Animal Care and Control can be found at

For more information, contact Public Information Officer Gabriela Morrow at 361-826-3583 or