City to Install Scooter Drop Zones

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Beginning the week of October 3, the City will begin installing Scooter Drop Zones along the Seawall, from the American Bank Center to Cole Park and other locations in downtown and the SEA District. The Drop Zones will provide designated parking zones for the scooters used along the Seawall and downtown area.

The scooters will be programmed to require riders to park within a Drop Zone if there is one within a thousand feet of where the ride ends. 

The Scooter Drop Zones will be installed over six weeks along the Seawall, downtown, and the SEA District, with an estimated completion date of November 18. A green border will identify the Drop Zones and a decal with the wording “Scooter Drop Zone” and scooter pictures. Within one week of installation, each Drop Zone location will be recognized as a designated Drop Zone area by City scooter providers, and riders should locate a Drop Zone when their ride ends.   

For more information, media representatives can contact Heather Hurlbert, Director of Finance and Procurement, at 361-826-3227 or by email at