Get Involved and Help Preserve Historic City Landmarks

History Buffs Wanted

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi and the Development Services Department are looking for eager residents who love history and want to preserve it for generations. The Landmark Commission is a great place to start.

The commission's primary tasks are to:

  • Consider specific sites, structures, and districts for designation as historic landmarks
  • Encourage and communicate with property owners about the benefit of rehabilitating potential landmarks as an alternative to demolition
  • Review and recommend nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Promote preservation through education
  • Maintain and update the historic resource survey
  • Promote preservation through the Planning and Zoning process
  • Seek and apply for preservation grant funding

The City Council just adopted a new Preservation Plan in June 2022. The project will guide the identification of places and spaces the community values and wishes to protect. Previous City preservation plans were published in 1976 and 1992. The Landmark Commission will play a significant role in its implementation.

If you know anyone interested in serving on a city board, commission, or committee, please direct them to the City of Corpus Christi’s website at

For assistance, please call Norma Duran at (361) 826-3105 or via e-mail at