City of Corpus Christi and AEP “Light Up CC”

Will Convert All Streetlights to New LED Lights

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today's regularly scheduled Council meeting, the City Council awarded a $568,672 service agreement with AEP Texas of Corpus Christi, TX, to convert 4,125 streetlights to new LED light fixtures. Funding for the project is provided through Bond 2018 funding and the FY 2023 budget.

“Light Up CC” is a three-year plan to change all eligible streetlights from the existing fixtures to LED fixtures across the City. The City anticipates combined annual savings of $400,000 once all three phases are complete.

The City will be divided into nine zones, with three zones scheduled for streetlight conversion each year. (See Map Below)

The use of LED technology for streetlights has increased in popularity. LED fixtures have longer life spans, better color rendition, better brightness, less carbon footprint, and improved energy efficiency compared to existing lighting.

“Light Up CC” will make the city of Corpus Christi brighter and safer and save taxpayers’ money.

“Your City Council and I recognize the value of innovative infrastructure and investments that benefit Corpus Christi residents,” said Mayor Paulette Guajardo. “LED lighting will provide thousands of dollars in savings per year and, more importantly, it will enhance public safety and quality of life.” 

“I am proud that Corpus Christi will be the first city in the region to go through this complete streetlight conversion,” City Manager Peter Zanoni said.” We would not have been able to make this happen without the cooperation of our project partner, AEP Texas.”

The installation of the LED fixtures will be done by AEP Texas in three one-year phases and is anticipated to begin in July 2022. All work for the current phase is estimated to be completed by January 2023.

For more information, please call Sr. Public Information Officer Melanie Lowry at 361-826-3837 or by email at

Light Up CC 5-24-22 Zone Map