Council Briefed on Infrastructure Design Manual

City to Set Higher Development Standards for New Infrastructure

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – At today's regularly scheduled business meeting, City Council received a briefing from Jeff Edmonds, Director of Engineering Services, on the new Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM).

The IDM is intended to be a singular document that sets standards for new development in the City. These standards will ensure that future infrastructure in the community is created in accordance with industry best practices. "The new, higher development standards will ensure, among other things, that new streets in new subdivisions will have a longer lifespan than what is being experienced today," said City Manager Peter Zanoni.

The IDM effort was first initiated in March 2013. However, only one of the intended eight chapters was completed. As part of the renewed effort, Engineering Services has collaborated with stakeholders in the development community to complete the IDM and capture standardized infrastructure guidelines into a comprehensive manual. The new IDM will provide guidance on the following areas:

  • General Requirements (policies, references to the City's Unified Development Code)
  • Graphic Requirements (plan preparation/drawings standards)
  • Storm Water Design Requirements
  • Water Design Requirements
  • Wastewater Design Requirements
  • Street Design Requirements
  • Traffic Signalization Design Requirements
  • Street Lighting
  • Median Landscaping

The new IDM will go into effect on March 1, 2022. To view the manual visit