Wastewater Sewer Overflow Notice Does NOT Affect Public Water Usage

Water Is and Continues to Be Safe for Use

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – A public notice regarding a sewer overflowing wastewater does not affect Corpus Christi’s water distribution system. Water was and continues to be safe for all use. Corpus Christi water customers should use water as they normally do.

Public notices that relate to sanitary sewer overflows, sanitary spills, or sanitary backups are for wastewater situations only and does not affect the quality or daily use of the City’s public water system.

As it relates to this matter, media representatives can contact Strategic Communications Manager Amber Oetting at (361) 500-7385 or by email at ambero@cctexas.com. You can also find updates on Water Utilities’ social media channels on Facebook @CCTXWater, on Twitter @CCTXWater, and on Nextdoor. 


About Corpus Christi Water Utilities

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