Old Harbor Bridge Light Removal Project Now Complete

Lighting System Removal Completed ahead of Schedule

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The removal of the decorative lighting system on the Harbor Bridge is now complete. The removal project, which was initially scheduled to take ten weeks to complete, started on June 13 and finished on July 1.

Due to the extensive corrosion of the mounting brackets, workers removed the lights without the use of power-cutting tools. This allowed the contractor to use multiple crews at the same time.

The lights were installed in 2010 and were designed to last only five years but had been in place for more than ten years. The lighting system had passed its end of life by nearly six years.

Ongoing inspections over the past six months had determined that the system's metal mounting brackets were severely corroded and unstable to remain on the Harbor Bridge.

On June 8, the City Council approved the removal of the lighting system by Pfeiffer & Son, LTD at the cost of $448,725.00. The company installed the lights in 2010. Funds for the removal came from the City's general fund with in-kind service agreements from the Port of Corpus Christi and the Texas Department of Transportation worth approximately $150,000 each.