Cell Phone Lot Open at Corpus Christi International Airport

Convenient place to Park and Wait for Arriving Passengers

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – It’s a first at CCIA!  Customers now have a new option when arriving at the Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) to pick someone up.  Drivers can now pull into a small parking lot, park, and wait until their passengers are ready to be picked up at the curb.   

Cell Phone Lots are simply a designated place to park and wait.  This cuts down on the number of drivers trying to park and wait at the curb or cruising around the airport looking for a random place to pull over and wait.  At CCIA, the new Cell Phone Lot is located just north of the commercial parking lot, in front of the parking plaza building.  When traveling toward the terminal on International, drivers should look for the blue sign indicating a left turn into the lot.

CCIA has plans to build a larger Cell Phone Lot in the future. For now, the lot will give visitors an option during the busy summer months. Visitors to the airport are reminded that the front curb of the terminal is reserved for active loading and unloading only.  If the Cell Phone Lot is full, drivers can pull into the short-term parking lot and park for free for 20 minutes.

There are more improvements to parking on the way at CCIA.  Crews are currently installing “pay on foot” machines in baggage claim and curbside so that passengers can pay for parking before they even get in their vehicles.  This will make exiting the parking lot faster. 

CCIA Cell Phone Lot 6-10-21 Social Media