Protecting Your Vehicle from Catalytic Converter Thefts

Police offer Safety Tips to Help Citizens Avoid becoming a Crime Victim

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – In Corpus Christi, the rise of catalytic converter thefts have increased 312% since January 2020. Catalytic converter thefts are increasing nationwide because of the precious metals they contain, rhodium, palladium, and platinum.

Catalytic converters reduce emissions such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon when your car runs. While you can still drive your vehicle without a catalytic converter, it will run loudly, and it may not be able to pass required emissions tests when renewing your car registration.

While the Corpus Christi Police Department Auto Theft Task Force is working hard to curb these thefts, officers advise citizens to follow these safety tips to help avoid becoming a victim of a catalytic converter crime:

  • Park your vehicle inside your garage if possible, or park near other cars in a well-lit area.
  • Guard your catalytic converter with a piece of sheet metal. One can be purchased for your vehicle, and it can be bolted onto the undercarriage with the assistance of your local mechanic.
  • Etch your license plate or the VIN number on the part, spray them with bright engine paint, or wrap steel cages around them.
  • Install security cameras and motion sensing lights on your property.

"This has become a serious issue in Texas, and our Corpus Christi Police Department is taking action to place additional focus on this form of theft. Texas lawmakers have also passed House Bill 4110, which places harsher penalties on those caught buying or selling stolen catalytic converters," Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo said. 

Here is a link to House Bill 4110:

If you have been a victim of a catalytic converter theft or any other auto theft/burglary, you can contact the police department's Auto Theft Detective at (361) 886-2841.