Flashing LED Stop Signs Installed at Busy Hospital Intersection

Another Vision Zero Project

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi’s Department of Public Works installed new flashing LED Stop signs at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Third Street last Thursday, April 1. LED Stop signs were recommended for this location to improve driver awareness and pedestrian safety. These signs will flash 24/7 and are intended to increase traffic compliance, prevent right-angle crashes, and improve pedestrian safety near the City’s trauma hospital.

This installation is one of several safety enhancements projects for the City’s Vision Zero strategy. The purpose of Vision Zero is to help eliminate traffic and pedestrian fatalities as well as to reduce boating and other water activities that can result in severe injuries due to crashes.

The City Council made Vision Zero a priority by allocating funding last year to begin implementation of these efforts citywide. District 2 Council Member Ben Molina has been a champion for Vision Zero program in Corpus Christi.

“We’re working towards implementing Vision Zero in an effort to make our streets safer for cyclist, pedestrians, and all those who share our roads. The addition of these stop signs will help us to meet those goals,” Molina said.

Our commitment to the Vision Zero strategy involves multiple stakeholders within the City, to include civic partners, community members, and public agencies. With this concerted effort, the City is confident in its ability to make our community a safer place to live and play.