Natural Gas Prices Set to Increase Nationwide

City Encourages Gas Customers to be Alert

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Natural gas customers in Corpus Christi need to prepare for rising natural gas utility bills. A significant increase in customer demand coupled with an inadequate storage supply is causing a striking rise in natural gas prices across the nation. 

Natural gas customers pay the same cost for the gas they use that the city pays. The City does not markup the cost of gas that we deliver to your home or business.

To prepare for increased prices, customers should conserve their natural gas usage.  Some ways to minimize your natural gas use include:

• For those with power, lower your thermostat to at least 68 degrees.

• Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. It can account for as much as 25 percent of the energy consumed in your home.

• Reduce shower time and avoid baths. Showering accounts for nearly 40 percent of your home's hot water use.

• For those with power, unplug electronic devices and turn off lights that are not in use. By conserving electricity, you are also helping to conserve natural gas.

• Refrain from using large appliances like your washer, dryer, oven, and dishwasher on a daily basis. When in use, limit opening the oven and dryer door to prevent wasted energy.

• Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning.

• If you have a pool, do not use the pool heater. Instead, run your pool pump during the coldest part of the day to circulate the water and prevent freezing.

For more information, reach out to our call center representatives at 361-826-CITY.  For media inquiries only, contact Director of Gas, Bill Mahaffey at, 361-826-1801.

If you smell a rotten egg or sulfur-like odor in or around your home, at work or in your neighborhood, this odor may be the result of a natural gas leak. To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and call 361-885-6942 or 911.