City Police Chief Receives Positive COVID-19 Test

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX –- Police Chief Mike Markle is in quarantine tonight after testing positive for COVID-19.

“I am feeling fine and expect a positive recovery. I will continue to work from home for the next two weeks,” Corpus Christi Police Chief Mike Markle said.

The Chief posted a message about his diagnosis earlier tonight on the Police Department’s social media channels.

“Despite my best efforts to protect myself I tested positive for the virus. Anyone can get COVID-19 and I encourage all of our community to follow the protocols given by the Health Department,” said Markle.

City Manager Peter Zanoni reminds residents how important it is that we all continue to take precautions.

“Our Police Chief getting COVID-19 demonstrates that no one is bullet-proof to the virus,“ Zanoni said.  “We need to continue to remind ourselves to follow all safety protocols. We wish the Police Chief a speedy recovery.”

For the next two weeks, Assistant Chief David Blackmon will handle duties at Police Headquarters.