Repair Update on Offshore Natural Gas Rig Near Bob Hall Pier

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – A natural gas well located approximately two miles from North Padre Island in the Mustang Island offshore area is currently under repair for a leak that occurred in early September today produced a loud noise that could be heard from the Padre Island beachfront near Bob Hall Pier. The noise resulted from pressure that was released while conducting diagnostics of the well. According to Magellan E&P, the owners and operators of the well, the noise and pressure are anticipated to be contained and plugged this evening.

The pressure release enabled a small amount of residual water, natural gas and naturally occurring condensate trapped within the well to be emitted from the platform structure. Strong winds and currents have prevented any of the natural gas or condensate from approaching the shore. Because of those favorable weather conditions, the TCEQ deemed any onshore air quality monitoring as unnecessary at this time.

A full crew of workers are currently located at the platform and are conducting all necessary repairs required by the initial leak. Any material developments will be released should they occur.

For more information media representatives can contact Witt O’Brien’s at 713-345-6234.

The City of Corpus Christi will continue updating the community as the repairs progress. Stay informed with the City’s social channels on Facebook @citygov, Twitter @cityofcc, or visit