Water Utilities Honored with Proactive Water System Award

Water App Receives State Recognition

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Today, there is an app for just about everything; food delivery, car rides and even one that monitors your drinking water intake. In 2017, Water Utilities created an app that water field technicians use to track the water system’s quality and reliability in real-time. This data is then synched with monitoring systems in their offices and helps detect any irregularities. Water Utilities uses this information to act before an issue in the water system can occur.

Recently, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) honored Water Utilities with the Proactive Water System Award. This recognizes the effort and contributions of Water Utilities to protect the state and the community's public health. 

TCEQ monitors every public water system for compliance. This honor acknowledges the City of Corpus Christi is going above and beyond to ensure the highest standards of operations.

“Water Utilities is efficiently monitoring our water supply to protect public health. We’re very excited that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality honored us with this prestigious award,” Gabriel Ramirez, Assistant Director of Water Quality and Treatment, said.

To learn more about the City’s water supply and how the best quality water is headed to your tap, visit cctexas.com/departments/water-department.

For more information, contact Public Information Officer Gabriela Morrow at (361) 826-3583 or by email at GabrielaM@cctexas.com.

 Utilities Water Award