Public Safety Officers’ Benefits

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Statement from City Manager Peter Zanoni. “On Tuesday of this week, I made a statement to KIII TV during an interview where I was expressing my condolences for the deaths of Corpus Christi Senior Police Officer Williams and Corpus Christi International Airport Lieutenant Almager.  During the interview, I stated that I did not believe that either employee contracted COVID-19 while performing job duties.  What I meant by that statement was that I had no information to believe that either employee, while performing their duties, interacted with a subject who tested positive for COVID-19.

It has been stated that the City Manager denied death benefits including Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Officer Williams.  In no way did my interview comment suggest that we have denied benefits.  In fact, I support all city employees, including our first responders, in receiving all state and federal benefits to which they are entitled.  This week, public safety management began applying for such benefits for our public safety officers.  Finally, the death benefits referenced are administered by state and federal agencies, not the City.  We have confidence in the state and federal agencies’ ability to process employee claims.

We are continuing to work hard to keep all our employees safe during this pandemic. Our top priority is their and the communities’ wellbeing.”