New Wastewater Charges on June Utility Bill

Residents benefit from Wastewater Winter Quarter Averaging

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - This month, residents will see their calculated Wastewater Winter Quarter Average on their utility bill. Wastewater charges will remain the same every month until a new average is calculated.

Wastewater Winter Quarter Averaging is a method of determining wastewater charges based on the average amount of water used between December 2019 – February 2020. Generally, customers use less water in the winter months than the summer months. Summer usage includes higher volumes of water usage due to outdoor watering, washing cars, or filling up swimming pools. This change helps avoid fluctuating wastewater charges on utility bills.

This method of calculating wastewater charges gives residents predictable payment amounts every month and creates a more accurate reflection of the customer’s wastewater use.

Only residential customers will see Wastewater Winter Quarter Averaging on their utility bills starting in June; commercial customers will not experience changes in billing.

Customers with questions about their utility bill can call 826-CITY (2489) for help.

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