CCIA Ready - When You Are

When You Have Some Place to Go – Relax and Travel Safe at CCIA


CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) is poised and ready to welcome travelers back to the airport when they are ready to fly again. COVID-19 has prompted a lot of change in communities across the nation. While cleanliness and safety have always been a priority at CCIA, airport staff have ramped up their continuous cleaning efforts and are now using some new technology to make certain the terminal is cleaner and safer than ever.

“At CCIA, we are doing everything possible to make the terminal safe, comfortable, and welcoming for travelers,” said Fred Segundo, Director of Aviation at CCIA. “Our staff has been working diligently to up our game when it comes to killing germs and pathogens that can spread illness,” said Segundo.

Starting this week, CCIA staffers are using a machine called, Clorox Total 360. This machine comes equipped with an electrostatic sprayer designed to get germ killing disinfectant on surfaces from the ground up. This technology is being deployed in public spaces inside the terminal to include restrooms, ticket counters, baggage claim areas, all public seating, and in the gate areas. 

The next phase of technology will arrive later this month. It’s called, CASPR. Once installed, the CASPR units will pull in air, treat droplets and moisture with UV light, and send the air back in to the terminal clear of pathogens. These units will work continuously, 24 hours a day. They require very little maintenance and are typically used in medical settings.

In addition to the new technology that will be at work in the terminal:

  • CCIA staffers are regularly cleaning public areas with added frequency. This includes all services visitors might touch while they are here.
  • We are installing all touchless soap dispensers and faucets in public restrooms.
  • You’ll find hand sanitizer stations throughout the terminal.
  • Visitors will notice social distancing reminders on the floors where people tend to gather.
  • Public Service Announcements are running continuously to remind visitors, tenants, and airport workers to keep their distance from others.
  • Signs posted around the terminal remind all the common-sense steps to take while traveling.
  • The CCIA Administration Office has face coverings available for visitors, travelers, vendors and tenants who need one. Anyone can stop in and ask for one.

Travelers are reminded to check with their airlines for special flight instructions and with the TSA for changes now in place at security checkpoints. All airlines serving CCIA are now requiring passengers wear face coverings while on the aircraft. Each airline has also installed several safety measures inside the terminal designed to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

When travelers are ready to fly again, CCIA is ready to provide them the safest environment possible. At CCIA, there are no big crowds, no long lines, no long treks to your gate, and no reasons to fret over the big city hassles of those “other” airports. CCIA!  Ready when you are!

For more information, media representatives may contact CCIA Marketing Manager Kim Bridger-Hunt, at 361-774-7871 or by email at