Water Rate Change Effective January 1, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – New water rates went into effect January 1, 2020. Changes will appear on your February 2020 utility bill. The new rates were approved in September 2019 as part of the annual budget process, it will be applied to residential and commercial accounts inside and outside city limits. The new rates only apply to water and not wastewater.

Most of our residential customers average between 3 to 5,000 gallons per month.


                                                Water – Residential (inside city limits)

Monthly Water Usage


Effective January 1

$ Increase

3,000 gallons



$  .56

4,000 gallons



$  .75

5,000 gallons



$  .94

8,000 gallons





The City’s Water Utilities system provides superior quality water on demand to all our customers.  Water rates provide the revenue we collect to maintain all the components of our water system:

  • Four water sources (Choke Canyon Reservoir, Wesley Seale Dam, and water drawn from Lake Texana and the Colorado River via the Mary Rhodes Pipeline)
  • O.N. Stevens Water Treatment plant with the capacity to produce 162 million gallons per day
  • 100,000 residential/commercial water meters and accounts
  • Almost 2,000 miles of water pipeline
  • Ten water storage tanks (elevated and ground storage)


For more information visit: www.cctexas.com/waterrates

Media inquiries, please contact Public Information Officer Gabriela Morrow at 361-826-3583 or by email at GabrielaM@cctexas.com