New Online Pre-Registration Offered for the Latchkey After School Program at Corpus Christi ISD Only

Take Advantage of this New and Convenient Opportunity!

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is very excited to offer the convenience of online pre-registration for the first time to customers wishing to enroll in the Latchkey After School Program within the Corpus Christi Independent School District. The Latchkey Program staff have been working diligently on this new feature in order to roll it out ahead of this school year which will provide an added layer of convenience for its customers.

The online pre-registration for the 2019–2020 Latchkey After School Program will be held on August 5 and 6, so mark your calendar to get your child set.

The program will operate Monday–Friday from 3pm–6pm in conjunction with the Corpus Christi ISD schedule.

The convenience, safety, trained staff, and state monitoring are a few key components of the program which parents seek. The hours and on-site care are designed to meet the need of working parents’ busy schedules. All our staff are certified in CPR and First Aid, as well as, are energetic and enthusiastic in engaging children in age-appropriate activities, like recreation and fitness skills which help to build self-confidence. And parents can rest assured that the program is licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services.

Parents seeking reasonable accommodations, which may include food allergies, for their child may do so by contacting Mickela Hernandez at (361) 826-3486. For more information about the program, please call (361) 826-3499.


·       Starts at 8am on Monday, August 5, and will close at midnight on Tuesday, August 6. Register at (click “Register Online”).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: Since registration for the Latchkey After School Program will not be offered on the first day of school, it is very important that all children be pre-registered online or onsite. This is required if parents want their children to participate in the Latchkey Program on the first day of school. If the registration card/forms are not completed and signed as required, your child will not be accepted in the program. These documents may be taken to the school your child will attend on Friday, August 9, from 8am–6pm; or to the Latchkey Program Office located at 1406 Martin Luther King Drive no later than noon on Friday, August 23.


Corpus Christi ISD:

·       Barnes Elementary, 2829 Oso Parkway (78414)

·       Berlanga Elementary, 4120 Carroll Lane (78411)

·       Calk-Wilson Elementary, 3925 Fort Worth Street (78411)

·       Club Estates Elementary, 5222 Merganser Drive (78413)

·       Dawson Elementary, 6821 Sanders Drive (78413)

·       Galvan Elementary, 3126 Masterson Drive (78415)

·       Garcia Elementary, 1945 Gollihar Road (78416)

·       Hicks Elementary, 3602 McArdle Road (78415)

·       Houston Elementary, 363 Norton Street (78415)

·       Jones Elementary, 7533 Lipes Boulevard (78413)

·       Kolda Elementary, 3730 Rodd Field Road (78414)

·       Meadowbrook Elementary, 901 Meadowbrook Drive (78412)

·       Menger Elementary, 2401 S. Alameda Street (78404)

·       Metro-E, 1707 Ayers Street (78404)

·       Mireles Elementary, 7658 Cimarron Boulevard (78414)

·       Montclair Elementary, 5241 Kentner Street (78412)

·       Moore Elementary, 6121 Durant Drive (78414)

·       Sanders Elementary, 4102 Republic Drive (78413)

·       Schanen Elementary, 5717 Killarmet Drive (78413)

·       Smith Elementary, 6902 Williams Drive (78412)

·       Webb Elementary, 6953 Boardwalk Avenue (78414)

·       Windsor Park Elementary, 4525 S. Alameda Street (78412)

·       Woodlawn Elementary, 1110 Woodlawn Drive (78412)

·       Yeager Elementary, 5414 Tripoli Drive (78411)


August 2019: (pro-rated)                     

·       Corpus Christi ISD: $60/child due at time of registration with a credit or bank card only.

·       Tuition assistance is available for qualified participants.

Starting September 2019: (due on the first of each month)

·       Corpus Christi ISD: $109/month/first child, $94/month/each additional child.

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is dedicated to providing quality, affordable, enrichment programs for all ages and interests. For more information about the wide variety of programs and services offered by the department, visit We invite everyone to Live. Learn. Play!