Latest Recycle Right Character Mugs It Up in the Blue Cart

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – When ceramic cup Muggy Maggie cracks up in the blue recycling cart, it is no laughing matter.

Ceramic items like cups and dishes are made of a clay compound which breaks easily and have a much higher melting temperature than other items. These items contaminate good recyclables when placed in the blue cart. Broken ceramics should always be placed in the trash.

If they are still usable, ceramics can be donated, resold, or used for art projects.

The City’s Recycle Right campaign is designed to inform and educate the public about how and what to recycle. More details are available at The campaign is also  used by Communities in Schools to teach CCISD elementary school students about the benefits of recycling.

For more information, contact Program Outreach Coordinator Celina Y. Pulcher at (361) 826-1655 or by email at


Recycle Right:  Muggy Maggie