City Demonstrates Need to Prevent Zebra Mussel Spread

Protect our lakes—always clean, drain and dry your boat and gear.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Today the City of Corpus Christi’s Marina Division and Utilities Department held a public demonstration to emphasize the importance of keeping our area lakes free of zebra mussels.

In addition to posing an economic threat to Texas’ infrastructure and recreational industries, zebra mussels are harmful to aquatic life, damaging to boats, and a potential hazard to our water supply. They clog pipes and intakes, impeding distribution of municipal water supplies, agricultural irrigation, and power plant operation.

Eradication of zebra mussels is virtually impossible. Being proactive and preventing spread is the best course of action. By cleaning, draining and drying your boat and gear, the potential for spreading mussels is immensely reduced.

For more information contact Public Information Officer, Gabriela Morrow at (361) 826-3583 or or visit: