City Urges Customers Monitor Bank Accounts

After Frost Bank Lock Box Security Breach

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS – The City of Corpus Christi learned late Friday afternoon of unauthorized access to images of scanned documents, including checks, belonging to Frost Bank commercial customers. The City has three commercial accounts maintained by Frost Bank including EMS and utility payment processing.

“We know very little at this time about the investigation being conducted by the FBI and Secret Service regarding the Frost Bank security breach,” said Constance P. Sanchez, Finance Director. “We want our customers to monitor their bank accounts as a precaution. At this time, we do not know the extent of the breach or if any of our customers are impacted,” added Sanchez.  The following Frost Bank lock boxes are used by the City of Corpus Christi:

P.O. Box 659880, San Antonio, Texas 78265-9143

P.O. Box 659722, San Antonio, Texas 78265-9722

P.O. Box 34627, San Antonio, Texas 78265-4627

Customers having mailed payments to any of the addresses above should monitor their bank accounts closely until more information is available concerning the Frost Bank security breach. Customers who pay in-person, online or by third-party payment processors, like H-E-B or Western Union, are not affected by this breach.

As the City is made aware of additional details regarding the Frost Bank investigation, we will notify our customers.