Recycling Campaign’s Next “Offender” Revealed

New Character Shows How to Recycle Unwanted Electronics

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi’s Solid Waste Services has just unveiled the third member of The Recycling Bin’s Dirty Dozen in their continuing Recycle Right campaign. Her name is Ellie Tronic, and her goal is to educate the public about the proper way to recycle unwanted electronics, also known as e-waste.

When electronics like old computers, cell phones, printers and DVD players are placed in the recycling bin, they can contaminate other good recyclables. This is because these items contain hazardous materials like mercury, lead, and toxic metals. Keeping e-waste out of the recycling bin makes the recycling process more efficient and saves time and money.

The City’s Recycle Right campaign is designed to inform and educate the public about how and what t recycle. More detailed information is available at and on the City’s social media pages. The campaign will also be used by Communities in Schools to teach CCISD elementary school students about the benefits of recycling.

For more information, contact Public Information Officer Jesse De Leon at (361) 826-3248 or by email at