Lake Corpus Christi Reaches 100% Capacity

Overages Being Credited to Environmental Pass-Thru Requirements

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Recent rains experienced in our western watershed area have entered Lake Corpus Christi, causing a steady increase in stored water volume in the reservoir. The City has been monitoring inflows and adjusting releases to prevent downstream flooding. This morning, lake levels at the Wesley Seale Dam reached 94 feet elevation, which is 100% capacity.

River gauges on the Nueces River near Tilden and Three Rivers continue to note above normal water flow. The City anticipates additional water to continue to enter Lake Corpus Christi and is monitoring these inflows to adjust releases as needed. The goal is to balance the structural integrity of the dam and flooding downstream.

Water being released currently due to full capacity levels of Lake Corpus Christi is being credited toward environmental flow requirements. The City is required to pass-thru water from the dam as environmental flow according to the City’s water rights authorization. Freshwater pass-thru to the estuaries is beneficial to keep our bays healthy and the nature tourism economy strong.

The City will continue to monitor flood gauges downstream of the dam and notify residents of any changes. With Lake Corpus Christi at 100% capacity and Choke Canyon Reservoir at 32%, the combined storage of the reservoirs is now 51.6%. The City remains in Stage 1 of the Drought Contingency Plan.

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