City Website Details Brush Pickup

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The City of Corpus Christi is continuing to pick up brush left over from Hurricane Harvey. In an effort to keep everyone updated, citizens can now visit for the latest on the progress.

Right now, crews are currently working in the following areas:

  • Four crews are working in Area 5, Ayers Street to Doddridge Street, Staples Street to Ocean Drive

  • Two crews are working in Area 3B, Weber Road to Staples Street, Holly Road to SPID

  • Three crews are working in Area 4, Holly Road to Yorktown Boulevard, Everhart Road to Weber Road

  • Four crews are working in Area 8, NPID to Port Avenue, Morgan Street to IH 37

The website also has advice for residents to help expedite pickup.

The first cycle collection is still in progress and is estimated to be completed next week. Cycle 2 will begin there after collecting debris including bulky items like construction materials including fencing.

For more information, contact Solid Waste Services Program Outreach Coordinator Celina Pulcher at (361) 826-1655 or by email at

Cycle 1 Debris Pickup 10-10-17