City Evacuation Drill is a Hurricane Dress Rehearsal

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - Recently, the Corpus Christi Gym was bustling with activity but the people there did not show up to workout. Instead, they were doing a different kind of exercise by taking part in the City’s Annual Evacuation Drill. Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, IT the Health District and Animal Care Services employees teamed up with nonprofit agencies to assist volunteers through a simulated hurricane evacuation. The drill is not only an opportunity for participants to practice how they would respond in a storm situation, but it also underscored the importance of hurricane preparation on a much larger scale.

“Doing this drill is a great way to interact with the public so everyone knows their role,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Delgado. “We were able to utilize different technology to help us communicate more effectively.”

When volunteers checked in they received a bracelet which not only identified them, but it enabled officials to track their location through a specific I.D. barcode embedded on each bracelet. Pets were similarly identified, as their tags contained their name and address as well as their owner’s contact information. The evacuees were then led outside to buses provided by the RTA and CCISD.

The drill also trained employees on how to properly assist those with special needs. The group practiced boarding and unloading buses using specific safety techniques.

“A drill like this is an excellent way to prepare for a hurricane,” said Delgado. "Overall, it was very successful.”