Chloramine Conversion FAQ’s

  1. What is chloramine?

Chloramine is a disinfectant used in drinking water to remove bacteria and viruses. It consists of chlorine and ammonia.

  1. Why is the City of Corpus Christi converting from free chlorine to chloramine?

Converting back to chloramine is intended to benefit customers by reducing the levels of disinfection byproducts (DBR’s) in the system, while still providing protection from waterborne disease.

  1. When will the conversion occur?

The conversion will take place on May 1, and it will take four to five days for the entire water system to change back to chloramines.

  1. Is chloraminated water safe?

Yes, water is safe for people and animals to: drink, cook with, bathe in, water the garden, and for all other general uses.

  1. What types of special precautions should kidney dialysis patients take?

Kidney dialysis patients should contact their physician or local kidney dialysis center for guidance on modifications to dialysis machines and procedures.

  1. Should I take any precautions with an aquarium?

Chloramine can be removed from water with inexpensive water system carbon filters. These products are readily available at most pet supply stores.

  1. Will pool owners need to treat chloraminated water differently?

As with free chlorine water, pool owners will need to maintain the same chlorine residual as before to prevent algae and bacterial growth. Pool supply stores can provide pool owners with more information.

  1. Are there other Texas cities that use chloramines?

Yes, Houston, Austin, Dallas and Fort-Worth have been using chloramines as part of their water treatment process for decades.

  1. Where can I get more information about the change?

If you have additional questions visit or call the Water Quality Hotline at (361) 826-1234.