The 2017 Great Texas Warrant Roundup Enters Its Final Week

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - As the final week of the 2017 Great Texas Warrant Roundup begins, the Municipal Court has already cleared a record number of warrants. 

Compared to last year’s Warrant Roundup, this year marked a significant increase in the number of people who took advantage of the two-week amnesty period, from February 13 through February 24, which preceded the official start of the roundup on February 25. 

Municipal Court Director Gilbert Hernandez says his department assisted 1,445 customers who came in person to Municipal Court to clear their warrants. Hernandez adds 1,137 warrants were cleared on the last day of the amnesty period alone.

Official numbers for the amnesty period indicate during the first two weeks, a total 1,837 warrants were cleared, compared to just 409 cleared warrants during the entire 2016 Warrant Roundup.

Hernandez stated City Marshals will continue arresting individuals who have outstanding warrants. He also reminds citizens if they come in to Municipal Court, located at 120 N. Chaparral Street, to pay off their warrants on their own free will, they will not be arrested. The 2017 Great Texas Warrant Roundup officially ends Saturday, March 11.

For more information, contact Municipal Court Director Gilbert Hernandez at (361) 826-2515 or