City to Enforce Requirements for Backflow Devices

On Tuesday, the City Council approved changes to the Plumbing Code that call for more stringent inspections of delinquent backflow preventers.

The City now has the authority to perform its own inspection and testing of residential and commercial backflow preventers when customers are delinquent in getting assessments.

The code modifications allow the City to charge customers an additional fee on their utility bill for doing a backflow preventer evaluation.

Backflow devices are used to prevent contamination to municipal water systems. The City of Corpus Christi’s codes require the installation of backflow prevention devices for irrigation systems, water pumps, fire sprinkler systems, and other applications where back pressure or back siphonage can occur.

As a reminder, backflow devices must be tested and certified upon installation, immediately after repairs or relocation and at least once every three years for residential irrigation devices, and once a year for all other residential and commercial devices. The testing and certification must be performed by a licensed backflow tester.

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