Quartet of Donkeys Make Up Employee's Happy Heard

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - When it comes to pets, most of us have either a dog, cat, hamster or maybe a reptile. So when people hear about one employee's choice of animal companion, they ask, why donkeys? Gas Department Energy and Marketing Representative Melissa Espitia answers, "Why not?"

Espitia's family owns a 50 acre ranch in Tuleta. After seeing an advertisement selling $100 donkeys, she figured the grassy landscape would be the perfect place for them to graze and roam. Soon, Espitia welcomed Santiago and Ramon to their new home.

“Donkeys actually exhibit dog-like qualities,” she said.

“They roll in the dirt, they love treats, they enjoy hugs and they are always happy to get plenty of attention.”

Before long, Espitia's herd was growing after folks at a neighboring farm could no longer care for their donkeys. Sam and Harley joined the group.

“They are very territorial and protective,” Espitia said.

“The four of them get along like a family even though they have their own personalities.”

Some of the challenges of caring for donkeys range from keeping them on a healthy diet and coordinating veterinarian checkups.

Despite their reputation for being stubborn, Espitia puts a more positive spin on the trait most commonly associated with her beloved burros.

“They are not really stubborn the way people think,” Espitia said with a laugh. “I prefer to think of them as just being more careful and cautious because they just take a little bit longer to make up their minds to move!”