Pothole Repairs and Median Maintenance During Inclement Weather

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – The Public Works Department began a pothole blitz, where additional crews were assigned to repair potholes at an accelerated timeline to assist in repairing more than 4,000 potholes in a two week period from May 10 – May 24. Due to recent heavy rains, the pothole blitz will be extended an additional week until June 1. Crews are now estimated to completed more than 6,000 potholes in this three-week timeframe.

In addition, crews will be monitoring medians and right-of-way mowing areas for high grass to ensure proper maintenance without damaging and creating wheel ruts in areas due to recent rains and heavy soil saturation. Once these areas can support mowing equipment, crews and contractors will be placed on an accelerated schedule in order to ensure proper mowing maintenance.