Part-Time Employees Make Big Difference

She’s been living in Corpus Christi for almost three years and finds this City to be very similar to her native St. Kitts Island in the West Indies.

Diane Prime has worked for the City of Corpus Christi for more than a year as a Program Coordinator for the Regional Health Awareness Board. Some of her responsibilities include planning public meetings, managing finances, recruitment, issuance of news releases and updating the board website.

“It’s great working here in the Health Department and for the board,” Prime said.

Working 19 hours a week allows her to still spend time with her kids and attend school functions.

She moved to Corpus Christi following her husband who works at a local refinery. Before that, she lived in St. Croix, one of the United States Virgin Islands.

While living in the Islands she worked for a government office for nine years and was in charge of zoning and code violations. She enjoyed the work and plans to get a full-time position within the City, possibly in a similar field.

The climate in this part of the state reminds her of home.

“It feels like home, so I guess it’s the people. My family and I don’t feel out of place,” Prime said.

Prime is one of 39 part-time employees who work for the City of Corpus Christi.