Padre Island now Included on Water Boil Notice

Low Water Pressure and Temporary Water Loss Experienced

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – As a result of low water pressure, North Padre Island now is placed under a water boil notice. The rest of the city was placed under a water boil notice this morning.

Water should be brought to a rolling boil and then boiled for a minimum of two minutes and cooled prior to human consumption.

If water cannot be boiled from your residence, bottled or commercial water should be substituted until this advisory is rescinded.

The City is not turning off its water or gas supply city-wide as is being rumored.

The City did not turn off water on The Island; however, the Coral Vine elevated water storage tank’s water levels have dropped resulting in low pressure or no water. The elevated water storage tank on The Island is in the process of being refilled.

We ask that customers on The Island ONLY use water for essential needs for the next two to three hours. Over-consumption of water will result in a prolonged service delay on The Island. Conserving water now will help the Coral Vine water tower refill more quickly and restore service.

For additional information, please visit You also can find updates on city social media channels Facebook @citygov and Twitter @cityofcc.